Dieter Rams: Braun TG 60
Dieter Rams: Braun TG 60 21,031
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Reel-to-reel player/recorder with white housing, compatible with audio 1/2/350 and TS 45. With additional hanging plates, an element of Rams' iconic wall-mounted audio system L 450 | TS 45 | TG 60 | L 450.

According to accompanying literature, 'Even though designed as a home tape recorder the TG 60 nevertheless meets demands placed on costly studio equipment. Thus, The TG 60 records and plays back with professional quality. It matches in engineering and design the top models of the Braun line of hi-fi components and can be used in the top Braun Studio music systems.'

Dimensions: 420x165x280 mm
Year: 1965


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This is the end