Dieter Rams: Braun PCK 4
Dieter Rams: Braun PCK 4 10,141
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An updated version of the PCK 3, replacing Wagenfeld's PC 3 phono module with Rams' PC 4. The product type, which relied on external amplification was superceded in the following year by Rams' fully integrated PCV 4. By 1963 all portable and flexible audio systems were overtaken by substantial fixed position hifi systems. In publicity terms, promotional material shifted to emphasise social status connected to hifi products in upper middle class interior settings, over the outdoor pursuit of leisure.

Assuming an electricity supply, the PCK 4 could be connected to a portable radio for amplification. For a further example of the early '60s lightweight audio programme see this PCS 45/ L 02/ T 530 combination.

Dimensions: 328x282x138 mm
Year: 1960


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