Vadik Marmeladov: ARK 1
Vadik Marmeladov: ARK 1 13,742
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ARK 1 is an off-road, mobile dwelling. It features plug and play modular parts, a rechargeable battery pack, solar roof, 4 wheel steering, independent suspension, and can be equipped with full self-driving capabilities.

ARK 1 utilizes all of its on-board self-driving cameras/sensors to enable it to drive autonomously on off-road, off-grid terrain.

It is also equipped with a drone that acts as eyes by flying ahead to map trickier surfaces in order to provide the best possible route (fog map). This feature is not meant for navigating conventional roads, as there are no lanes to switch or traffic lights to watch for. Only surface and elevation changes to traverse, which it does slowly, so if you wanted to go to bed in the desert and wake up at the coastline, you can.


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