Teenage Engineering: Pocket Operator Modular
Teenage Engineering: Pocket Operator Modular 7,632
Swedish audio company Teenage Engineering is expanding their popular Pocket Operator synth line with a new line of self-assembly modular units called the 16, the 170, and the 400. Meant to be a more affordable entry point into modular synthesis than most Eurorack modules — which can easily balloon into thousands of dollars — Teenage Engineering says their goal was to create a “poor man’s modular.”

The 400 is a full modular synthesis environment complete with everything you need to build your own heaving, weaving, wobbling CV tapestries. The PO400 comes as an easy-to-assemble kit—without any specialized tools, you can assemble your own fully-featured modular synth within the course of an afternoon.

Teenage Engineering is a Stockholm-based creative made up of engineers and programmers that are all passionate about music and electronics.


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