Dieter Rams: Braun TP 2
Dieter Rams: Braun TP 2 14,336
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A re-working of Rams' TP 1 issued in the previous year, the TP 2 makes use of the T 31 pocket radio in conjunction with the P 1 battery operated record player.

The T 31 was a technically modified version of the 1958 T 3 radio designed by Rams in collaboration with the HfG Ulm, the school of design responsible for establishing modernist standards upon which Braun Design was constructed. Alongside the studio 2, the TP 1 and TP 2 designs present the earliest instances of Braun systems design, an approach central to the philosophy of the HfG. The close connection to the HfG manifest in the TP 2 is emblematic of a broader conceptual debt.

Dimensions: 150x83x41 mm
Year: 1960


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