Ryue Nishizawa: Teshima Art Museum
Ryue Nishizawa: Teshima Art Museum 15,546
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Teshima Art Museum is located on the beautiful island of Teshima, in Kagawa Prefecture. Surrounded by the Seto Inland sea, Teshima is home to a prosperous fishing industry, expansive rice terraces, and a rich natural landscape that includes Dan'yama. Walking along the promenade around Myojin brings the visitor to the entrance of the art space. The thin concrete shell structure has no pillars, and the installation space is open to the air, sounds, and natural light that flood in from two openings in the ceiling. Inside, water continuously springs from the ground. The atmosphere changes not only with the time of day, but as the seasons pass. The Teshima Art Museum evokes the joys of living, as art, architecture and the environment come together as one.

The Teshima Art Museum designed by Tokyo-based architect Ryue Nishizawa and Japanese artist Rei Naito opened in 2010 for the Setouchi International Art Festival that was held in the Takamatsu Port area of Japan.

Location: Takamatsu, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan
Artist: Rei Naito
Site Area: 9,959 m2
Building Area: 2,155 m2
Project Year: 2010


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