Comme des Garçons: Spring 2024
Comme des Garçons: Spring 2024 216
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At Paris Fashion Week, Comme des Garçons unveiled its Spring 2024 collection, a vibrant testament to Rei Kawakubo's enduring spirit of innovation and resistance against the mundane. This latest offering was not just a fashion show, but a spectacle of artistry and rebellion, echoing the sentiments of a world that yearns for brightness amidst prevailing darkness.

The collection unfolded as a series of art installations rather than mere fashion pieces. Enormous textile spheres dominated the runway, their surfaces a chaotic blend of vibrant colors and materials. These sculptures seemed to narrate tales of whimsy and rebellion, each one a unique expression of Kawakubo’s artistic vision.

Kawakubo’s designs have always been deeply symbolic, often reflecting her thoughts on societal norms and the state of the world. This collection's use of playful, almost rebellious design elements was a deliberate contrast to the gloomy global atmosphere, suggesting a radical form of escapism through fashion. The phrase "break free" from her one-line press statement encapsulated the essence of the collection-freedom from societal expectations and the mundane, encouraging onlookers to envisage a future where creativity reigns supreme.


This is the end

This is the end