OYO - House pibo 01

Architects: OYO
Location: Maldegem, Belgium
Area: 175 sqm

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The Rivalry - Google Visual Identity 001

The Rivalry: http://therivalry.co

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Two Create - Punt Carafe 1

Two Create: http://www.twocreate.co.uk

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DP6 Architectuurstudio - Makkinga House 5

DP6 Architectuurstudio - Makkinga House 3

Architects: DP6 Architectuurstudio
Location: Friesland, Netherlands
Area: 120.0 sqm

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Heury & Heury - Big Mac

Heury & Heury: http://heuryandheury.eu

Yuta Takahashi - Trinitat Special Edition 1

Yuta Takahashi - Trinitat Special Edition 2

Yuta Takahashi: http://www.yutatakahashi.jp

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001 - Office O architects - VILLA MQ

Architects: Office O architects
Location: Tremelo, Belgium
Architect in Charge: Magalie Munters
Structure: Util Structuurstudies
Area: 490.0 sqm
Project Year: 2015

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001 - Daniel Moyer - fdup.chuk 100

Daniel Moyer: http://www.danielmoyerdesign.com

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001 - Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Library of Huxi

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HelloMe: http://tillwiedeck.com

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